The Eco Chef app

The Eco Chef app can guide everyone through the process of becoming more sustainable and reducing their food waste.

Simply by scanning the barcode of your groceries, you will have an inventory list with all of your products listed by their expiry date. The app will not only remind you to consume them before they go bad, but it will also suggest recipes containing only the products you have!

The Eco Chef partnered with some of the best food bloggers in the UK to provide you with exciting and delicious recipes.

Following the tips and recommendations, you will easily discover the little changes you can make to reduce your carbon footprint in the kitchen.

You can track your progress on reducing your food waste in the user profile and look at which products you waste the most.

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See how much food is wasted vs used:


It’s easy to mark food products as used or wasted once the date has expired:

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Short of ideas? No problem, just hit Show recipe: